How to recover permanently deleted messages on facebook on pc | recover facebook messages

How to recover permanently deleted messages on facebook on pc

It remains in the minds of all the people that whether their own messages can be recovered after deleting their own messages, it is very difficult to say that you can recover all the messages easily, but in today's I am going to share the trick, you can recover your messages by using this trick, the method that I am going to tell you today, You might have seen this method rarely, so you must use this method once you can recover your message from this method. With this method you can recover all your Facebook messages, you can recover not only messages, Rather you can recover all the data of Facebook

Nowadays everybody remains anxious, everybody keeps searching on the internet how to recover their Facebook messages, today I am going to tell you the simple method, you can recover all your messages and images from this method, just You have to click a few clicks and all your data will be recovered, I took all my data from this method and I got all the messages.

I know you do not have to recover your own messages, you all have to recover your own messages from your girlfriends or boyfriends, you can recover everyone's messages in just a few clicks, nowadays everyone keeps searching for such tricks, follow me step by step, I trust that you too will easily recover your deleted messages.

How To Recover Facebook Messages Deleted - Recover Facebook Messages Deleted

To recover your messages you have to go to your Facebook account, And all you have to follow step by step, you will also recover your message very easily.

Step 1. Open Your Facebook Account

Step 2. Click on Setting

Step 3. After clicking in Settings, you have to go to Your Facebook Information and then you have to click on download your information.

As soon as you go to download your information, you will get to see many things like Posts, Photos & Videos, Comments, Likes & Reactions, stories, Messages, and so much more, you will have to recover whatever. You can click on it and recover by clicking on Create File.

As you can see, I have to recover only my Posts, then I will just select the Posts and click on create the file, whatever you need to recover you click on it

Step 4. 

After clicking on Create File, you have to wait for a while, as soon as the file is ready, you will get the notification that your file is ready.

Step 5. After the file is ready, you can click on the file and download it and see your data in full.

You can see how easy it is that you can recover your Facebook message even after it is deleted, not only the message but also you can recover all the things like your post, comments, photos, videos All things like this method can be recovered.

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