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Uber Eats Customer Care Number

Uber eats customer care number if you have trouble with anything such as if your food is late, or your payment is stuck, or something else comes in your food, then you can share your issue with us by commenting here, uber eats here You will get full support and your problems will be heard and your problems will be resolved as soon as possible.

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How Do I Contact UberEATS By Phone

If you want to contact uber eats customer care, you can call the toll free number 800-253-9377 By calling this given number, you can share your trouble with the uber eats team, the customer team will help you as soon as possible.

Does Uber eat refunds Money

Yes, absolutely uber eats refunds the money, if there is something missing in your food, or your food does not reach you, then you can compete directly on the toll-free number, you will get your money back.

Do you have anything missing in your food

Many times it happens that you order food and that food does not reach you, or even if the food has reached you, but still, something is missing in it, there are stories like this every day, nowadays the era of online Yes, more and more people order some food online, but only sometimes it happens that the food does not reach you

It is not the fault of the uber eats app, but sometimes items get missed, but you do not have to bother at all, you will get your money, you just have to tell your trouble on the toll-free number, then it's After that either you will get your money or you will get a chance to order food again, If something similar has happened to you too, then do share with us by commenting

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