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Friends, today we will talk about how to do SEO settings on Blogger, it is very important to do some SEO setting to make your website completely ready, you will definitely do the SEO setting that I will tell you today. You can make your website completely ready, and then traffic starts coming to your website very soon.

Now let's start, how to do SEO setting, I will tell you that, if you follow the same thing, then You will follow me A to Z, your website will be completely complete.

Now let's start, you have to open Blogger first, then go to Blogger Settings, then after going to Settings, you have to go to Basic Setting, in Basic Settings you will get to see the description in it, write at least 500-word characters about your website, you can also use some keywords related to your blog in those 500 characters, which will help in ranking your website.

After doing this, you have to click on save changes and save, after that you have to scroll down a bit, then you will get to see the option of Https Redirect, if it is showing No, then you have to change it yes

That's all you had to do in Basic Settings, now you have to go to Search Preference and change the Meta Tags Description from No to Yes, and in that, you have to write a character of 150 words, you can also write about your blog in it, either you can also use related keywords from your blog, many people will show you using only keywords but it is not necessary, you can write anything, it should not be more than 150 Words 

After writing the Meta Description, you have to click on the Save Changes, after that, you have to scroll down a bit, then you have to enable the Custom Robots.txt with Disable, 

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /

Sitemap: https://moviesfirdownload.blogspot.com/sitemap.xml

You have to paste the above code, just change the name of my website, where you have given the name of my website and then paste it, after paste you have to save it by clicking on save changes

After this, you have to go to the Custom robots header tags and you have to make some settings, I will also tell you, first you have to enable the Custom robots header tags, then you have to make these settings, you can see on the image, and do it, After that you have to click on save changes and save

That's all you have to do after this, you have to upload your website in each of the webmaster tools like google webmaster, bing webmaster, Yandex webmaster, all these webmaster tools you have to go to, and You have to upload your website, after doing this, traffic will start coming from the search engine on your website, but one thing must be remembered that to bring traffic from the search engine, there should be articles on your website.

See How To Upload Any Website On Google Webmaster Tools

In this video you can see how you submit your blog or website to Google search engine, you can submit every one of your websites to Google search engine, similarly, you can also submit your website in Yandex and Bing search engine. 

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