How To Create A New Blog On Blogger | Create Blog With Blogger Full Guide Step By Step

How To Create A New Blog On Blogger

Friends, today we will teach you how to create your own blog and earn it, how to create a new blog on blogger, today we will teach you to make free blogs, that too on blogger, you can get better earning by making free blog, and also traffic can come to your blog and you can earn

If you want to learn to blog, then definitely make a blog and make at least 5 blogs every day, only then you will be able to learn as soon as possible, so let's start now without wasting your time., create a blog on blogger, You can earn money from Blogger and every blogger learns to blog in Blogger itself, then after earning some money, then start blogging on WordPress.

How to create a blog on blogger | create a blog in blogger and earn money

To create a blog, you have to first go to the blogger's website, then after that you have to sign in with your Gmail account, if you do not have a Gmail account, then create your own account and sign in

As soon as you click on to create your blog, the sign-in option will come on your window, you have to sign in with your Gmail account, as soon as you click on sign in, after that, you will see an option that creates a new blog, You have to fill details about your blog in it, like if your blog is related to technology, then you should fill some technology-related name in the title, I will give you a 2 to 3 example.

If you are working on a particular keyword then it would be best that you keep some title and address related to that keyword, For example, if your Niche is a WhatsApp group, then it would be better if your name in your title as if you can keep some such title and address, See in the below image

See above how I have used the keyword in my title and address, you also have to do the same way, if you have a particular niche, then this method would be the best way to create your blog If you publish a post related to anything in your blog, then you can name anything you like, whether it is a keyword or your name, Now I will give you another example, if your niche keyword is mobile review, then you must use this name in your title and address, by doing this your blog will rank very quickly.

You can see how I have used my niche keyword in my title and address, exactly you have to do the same, friends, I will give you advice that if you want to learn to blogging, then definitely start with Blogger and Blogspot. com, start blogging from the same free domain, and if you also bring 100 to 200 pageviews of the daily on your blog, then you will definitely get the approval from Adsense

Look, friend, it is not necessary that your keyword will come in your title and address, then you will be able to rank very easily, nothing happens, I have the experience, I have seen all this, your article will be ranked only when it is most unique. And people will like it if only 5 people come to your blog and they like your blog and stay on your blog for a long time. So your blog will rank very quickly and traffic will also be good, but still, if your blog is related to some niche then definitely write the keyword in your title and address as your ranking will get a little bit

Publish 4 to 5 posts daily after doing keyword research, definitely your blog will get a lot of traffic and even earning, you should publish at least 20 to 25 posts on your website, then apply for Adsense, do not apply before published, Because if you do this then you will not get approval from Adsense, and one more thing is that, there is no such fix rule that 20 to 25 posts should remain if 150 to 200 daily pageview comes on your website, So definitely do apply for advertisement, you will get approval easily, traffic should come in your website AdSense will definitely give you approval as soon as possible.

That's all you have to do and then you can also do blogging, but even after that, there are some SEO Settings which is very important to do. So you will learn by going to this article and you will learn just to follow step by step

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